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Got news today that one of the people whom is helping me is being transfered to another dept. Don't get me wrong, I mean she is a OK person. It is just how she does her work. When I was out for the nine months last year the work I was starting to do was given to her. When I came back in Jan 2002 I took over where she left off. (a year behind). Just this pass month my supervisor asked her and another worker to help me catch up. (bad move, besides I was on a roll and not my fault they where a year behind when I got back. Not to mention the cases that was done in that time and not eligible will have to be redone, as some was done wrong) Anyways, in the last month the two workers have done a total of about 10 cases give or take a few. Which I have to check to make sure they are done right then either give them back or redo them myself. (not the kind of help I need). I can do on the avg. of four to five cases in the fours hours I work. I had about 250 when I started and about 125 left to go. I already told my supervisor that I don't want the other worker doing it cause she doesn't know how. If I have to redo all the ones she does it takes away from what I can get done. So now I hope they will just leave me do what I have to do alone. It will work a lot better that way. :)
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