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Bah humbug!

I need some advice about giving gifts to bosses.

My co-workers and I had decided to go in together on a gift for our boss. We were each going to contribute $20 and get her a gift certificate for about $60 for her and her hubby to go out and have a nice dinner. More than I wanted to spend on her actually, but that's beside the point. After all, this is the same boss who caused me to start smoking again, and who almost made me have an embolism when we were putting together a grant back in June (which we get to do all over again next week...good thing I work near the hospital). I have been here less than a year, and already want to transfer to another department (I was really ready after the first month). I've got two and a half more months of this sentence to serve before I can get out of here, according to company policy.

Anyhow, yesterday one of my co-workers tells me that his wife had already gotten something for our boss. That figures, but ok fine. No big deal. You can still get a nice dinner in Boringham for $40. Well, I tell my other co-worker (and friend) this and she backs out too! She said that she thought she could get the boss something for less than $20 herself, and maybe we should just do that since our other co-worker got her something individually. Grrr.....

So, does anyone have any suggestions on what to get for a very wealthy female doctor boss for about $15 or $20 (preferably less)? I really don't know her well on a personal level, so I have no clue what to get her. All I know is that she likes cats...but everyone else knows that too...so I'm sure she's got PLENTY of cat stuff. I'd love to just get her a nice bottle of wine and call it a day, but that's what the co-worker who went off on his own got for her. Spa treatments are too expensive, and frankly, too personal for our love-hate working relationship. *sigh*

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