Miss Nadine (one_more_grrl) wrote in thedailygrind,
Miss Nadine

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grumbles something about a hammer...

The Monday after a long weekend is the worst Monday in the world. I try to convince myself in bed "go ahead, sleep another hour, who's gonna notice if you're late..."

Why is it that when I have the time to sleep, I wake up early as hell, for no reason on my own accord, but once the weekdays roll around, I feel like I can sleep till 3 in the afternoon. Stupid internal clock.. when is it gonna get the schedule rite?!

::looks at calendar:: Ok, next holiday is Labor Day ... I feel like I live in anticipation, I'm always looking foward to the next thing to come. Well, I'm taking vacation in August, in about a month... so at least there is that to look foward to...
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