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I'm going to rant... a lot.

Hey everyone, I just joined this community because I need to bitch about my job to people who understand.

I work as an administrative assistant for an insurance broker agency in NJ. I'm personal assistant to the three Presidents of the company, and I am everyone else's slave, apparently.

I found out that not only do I have to coordinate all of my boss's business endeavors (meetings, trips, etc..) but I also have to manage his personal life as well. Not only that, but he gives me the *vaguest* information possible...
Last month, he had a trip to Rhode Island, and he said "I want to stay at the hotel directly next door the the hotel I stayed at last time. I don't know the name of it, and I can't remember the name of the hotel I stayed at, but I think it is near I-95" Yeah. Ok, next time, can you speak in Latin, or only communicate to me through interpretive dance, just be a *little* more cryptic. -__- SoO, I called the travel agent that books EVERYTHING for us, and the only reason she gets our business is because my boss is friends with her boss. She is the most incompetent woman on the planet. She doesn't keep files of anything, and she just can't do her job correctly. She runs her "business" out of her living room it sounds like, because anytime I call she's got Jerry Springer blaring in the background and her kid carrying on as well. I can never get through to her because she only has ONE PHONE LINE for her phone, fax AND computer... and THIS is her business? argh.

There is this one lady at work that bothers the hell out of me. She is CONSTANTLY sighing, grunting, or making some noise of fustration to make it sound as though she is absolutely busy and fed up. Ok. But it is so irritating to hear this wench sigh every 5 seconds like the problems of the world depend on her and her alone. Yeah, she's busy, but she has time to talk to her boyfriend who calls her at least 10 times a day.
I'm not a harpee about personal calls, but some people REALLY abuse it... Like really, what is so goddamn important that he needs to call this much? Doesn't he have a job? It's infuriating when I'm trying to meet a deadline, and not only do I have to answer client and vendor calls, I shouldn't have to deal with unnecessary crap from her lethargic boyfriend.

And another thing... when I answer the phone, I talk a little fast to get the info and transfer the call so I can do my work ::just a side note, that lady's boyfriend just called twice while I was typing this:: And I can't stand when people talk really slow... we deal with a lot of southerners and mid-westerners, so they are a lot more laid back than we are around here. Also is annoying when people call ME and have the nerve to put me on hold. "Hi, you have a call from (insert lame company here), please hold"

Often, I take my lunch at my desk. No one else likes to be bothered when they have lunch at their desk, and request that no calls be forwared to them, or they give me some of their workload to do while they have lunch. That would be nice if someone would return the favor. I'm sick of having to take calls while I'm on my lunch, chipmunk some food to the side of my mouth while i try to take a call without sounding like I have a mouthfull of food. These people act like they are too good to answer the telephone! Argh!

And what bugs me the most is how condescending the majority of the office is to me because I am the youngest one who works here. They talk to me like I'm some kind of child half the time, probably cause they have kids that are my age. Age discrimination is not nice.

The coolest person in my office is the woman who hands me my paycheck every other week. God bless her.

No, really I *love* my job. It's just my co-workers that can get to me. Sorry for the long rant but I'm just having one of those long days. Everyone else went on vacation all week so it's me, my computer, and the annoying lady that sighs a lot. Oh the magic, oh the wonder.
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