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Update on My Job

Well, I just got my production numbers for last week for my book-packing job; they were 67%, down from the week before last's 79%. I don't think my numbers for the month will be at 100%, which is required. I think they'll put me on an employee improvement plan, or hopefully find me a non-production job, like they did a year ago.

I've done everything I know to do, and I've received help from many people there; I've stopped reading the backs of books, tried new methods, waited as long as possible before going to the bathroom--one of the major problems, since my medications can cause incontinence--and I've tried to pack as fast as possible while still maintaining quality standards. My employers have been pushing production hard for the past several months; my supervisor even gave a speech in which he threatened to fire people, if it would get production up. I know that production standards have to be met, but I've been trying as hard as I can for the last four months, and I still can't meet them! I got my final writeup last month, and they've run out of patience with me! I've gone to the state Vocational Rehabilitation services to get help, and have applied for a word-processing job with the state, but these things take time to process.

I don't know. On the one hand, my workplace has always been crazy--constant standard and rule changes, constant low production and quality, constant equipment and supply problems, and the place is always dirty, with little time set aside to clean it. On the other hand, they put up with me for four years, have given me as much help as possible in meeting my goals, and have paid me more and provided me with the best insurance than any other job could have. Getting fired from that place could be a blessing in disguise, but meanwhile it's going to be hard to get another job, especially since the hurricane (I live in the Southern U.S.).

Two questions: from what I've told you, does my workplace sound abusive, crazy, or just plain bad?
And do you have any advice on dealing with losing a job, or finding a new one?

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