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Pain at Work

Well, just last weed, I got written up at my book-packing job for production, for the almost "Final" time, even though I showed some improvement. I'll probably be put on probation for a month, then, if I can't bring that up, I'll be fired.

It's not that I haven't had a lot of help--my boss and the trainers at work gave me a lot of hints to improve my production, and I've stopped doing some things--like read the backs of books that I pack--that were slowing me down. The main problem seems to be that I just keep leaving my station and taking too long to do things like go to the bathroom, drink water, or put damaged books in a mobile for shaggers to deal with. My boss put me on another packing line where it's easier to make production; but his boss, who's over the entire warehouse, wants everyone to make 100 percent _now_.

I plan to talk to this guy about my situation, and try to work with him to find a solution that will let me keep my job, and contribute to the company. I also plan to talk with someone in Voc Rehab to see what can be done. Nobody there has answered me yet. At worst, I could find a part time job or two, maybe through VR, and buy my own insurance.

I may not like this job all that much, especially since the busy season is almost here, but I just can't lose something that pays so well and has such good insurance. I'll check my production numbers for last week and work as hard as I can to make production.

Just yesterday, I made _57%_ production for the day! Earlier, there were days when I made 95%, or 86%, production. I haven't been able to work the new line I'm on all day, and I've been checking to make sure that the orders I pack have the right books in them, and that packing slip addresses match the label addresses. Maybe that's it.
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